Airships: Conquer the Skies Wiki

Armour plating is used to protect ship modules from damage. Each module tile has its own armour plate that can be individually damaged. While the armour plate is in place, damage is reduced by its absorb value and then applied to the plate.

Some module types, such as rams and Suspendium tanks, are considered external and don't have armour plating.

Image Name Blast Dmg Absorb Piercing Dmg Absorb HP Weight $ Notes
Lt wood.png Wood wall 0 2 24 1 0 Thin wooden panels that offer nearly no protection.
Med wood.png Wooden armour 2 4 50 2 2 Sufficient to protect against small arms fire, but highly vulnerable to explosives. The default armour for ships.
Hv wood.png Reinforced wooden armour 4 12 75 12 6 Thick (and heavy) wooden planks reinforced with bands of iron. Requires technology in Strategic Mode.
Lt steel.png Steel wall 5 3 36 2 2 No match against heavy weapons, but able to deflect small arms fire.
Med steel.png Steel armour 16 6 50 10 6 Steel plates that shrug off anything smaller than a cannonball.
Hv steel.png Heavy steel armour 24 12 90 20 10 Only heavy weapons are able to make a serious dent into this. Requires technology in Strategic Mode.
Lt stone.png Brick wall 2 1 40 45 0 A thin brick wall, easily shattered by a grenade or cannonball, but able to take a few rifle rounds before crumbling.
Med stone.png Stone wall 4 3 80 100 4 A solidly built stone wall that can withstand a fair amount of punishment. The default armour for buildings.
Hv stone.png Massive stone wall 6 4 100 150 6 A lot of patience and some very large guns are required to get through this wall. Requires technology in Strategic Mode.
Lt steel.png Canvas wall 0 0 8 0 0 A lightweight frame with oiled canvas stretched across, to protect against weather.
Dragonhide 15 5 60 0 16 The sloughed-off skin of dragons, tanned and layered over a wooden framework. Requires the "Dragonhide Armour" Bonus.
Shell Armour 4 4 45 6 10 Fragments of the Suspendium-rich shells of turtledoves can be arranged into a form of armour that provides lift. Provides 25 Lift. Requires the "Shell armour" Bonus.

Will damage from weak weapons be absorbed completely?[]

There is always a chance a weapon will inflict 1 damage.

If the armor's absorb value is higher than the damage, the shot will either deal 0 or 1 damage to the armor.

1 damage is dealt if a random number between 0 and 2 + <absorbValue> - <damage> equals 1. In all other cases, the damage dealt is 0.


3 Piercing damage vs. Wooden armor

2 + 3 - 3 = 2. Then the random number can be {0, 1, 2}. So there is a 1/3 chance one damage is dealt to the armor.

Once the plate is destroyed, additional damage is applied to the module itself.