Airships: Conquer the Skies Wiki

The debug mode is a hidden feature only accessible via commands. For it to work, a valid installation of Java has to be present on the computer.

Accessing the Debug Mode[]

To access the debug mode, the Airships.jar has to be started with an additional paramter. This can be done with Windows by starting the command line, navigating to the Airships game folder and entering the following command:

java -Ddebug=true -jar Airships.jar

Alternatively, a new file can be created with the '.bat' ending in which the same command is entered. When placed in the Airships game folder, this can be used to easily access the debug mode without having to manually open the command line and entering the code.

Damage Tool[]

The damage tool is exclusive to the debug gamemode and only in Singleplayer. It allows the player to damage selected modules just by clicking on them and helps when determining weak points in ships.

It bypasses the armor and reduces the health of the module directly, causing explosions where applicable and damaging further modules.

Standard Combat[]

Another feature is the 'Standard Combat' button in the 'Design & Fight' menu. Sadly, at the current state of the game, this does not work and produces an error.

Measure Combat[]

The 'Measure Combat' button behaves similar to the 'Standard Combat' button but produces no error and rather does seemingly nothing. Further testing is required to see if there is a use to it.