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Dragons are large fire-breathing reptiles that use Suspendium to help them fly.[1] Dragons can be encountered in the game. It is possible to tame dragons that have appeared and use them in one's army, or to fight the dragons and loot their nest. Dragons attack by shooting streams of flame, similar to a flamethrower, at enemy constructions.

The juvenile form of a dragon is called a wurm, and has a similar appearance and size of a large red Komodo dragon. A wurm has small, nonfunctional wings. Many dragons never progress beyond this stage, but if enough Suspendium accumulates in the wurm's thyroid, metamorphosis begins.

During metamorphosis, the wurm will begin to grow larger, and start seeking out Suspendium-heavy food, even resorting to eating plants. Its wings will lengthen, and several large Suspendium nodules will form in its abdomen. In time, the wurm becomes a dragon, a multi-ton hyper-apex predator capable of flight. Dragons don’t quite float, but they are a lot lighter than they should be, and they make up the difference with their wings.