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Fleshcrackers are a type of monster built by Mad scientists to carry their deranged will. They appear to be be flesh-eating robots in the shape of giant nutcrackers. Mad Scientists build them both to defend their tower (otherwise vulnerable to close assault) and to carry out raids (being land units, Fleshcrackers are restricted to the roads).

All fleshcrackers are equipped with dangerous rapid fire guns (effectively, a dorsal-turreted Gatling gun) in their hats and metallic tentacles which rend metal and flesh with equal ease. Sometimes fleshcrackers appear to have a cannon in the other arm, handy for contributing to fights when more than one fleshcracker is present (as landships, they can't pass each other in a combat situation). Furthermore, mad scientists apparently have some kind of fascination for these perilous contraptions, as they build them in quantity if left unchecked.

Occasionally, after managing to stop a mad scientist, your own not-so-mad engineers are able to piece together enough prototypes and blueprints from the mad science tower to enable the production of your very own fleshcrackers to rend your enemies with their might.