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Monsters can be biological creatures or independent human groups that can be fought. They have different mechanics, attacks, and characteristics than airships. [1]

Monsters are classified by the game as modules. Smaller creatures that come from a hive, such as the drones of the Clockwork Wasps and Giant Bees, are classified as crew.[2]

When killed, monsters can reward the player with money, a bonus towards research, or a special, unique bonus.[3]

Some monsters, such as the Giant Spiders, have multiple modules. The game's code has a cost for the monster modules. This cost gives an idea of power.

Image Name HP Size Cost Notes Rewards
Giant Bee Hive.png Giant Bee Hive 50000 7x8 4000 Benign: no economic

penalty or raids

Giant Black Widow 2500 + 2500 4x4 + 4x4 500 + 1000 Spider Notes.jpg Minor cash payout

or research bonus

Giant Wolf Spider 3000 + 3000 4x4 + 4x4 1000 Minor cash payout

or research bonus

Dragon screenshot.png Dragon 1500 6x1 2000 Dragon Notes.jpg Common: cash payout

Rare: Dragonhide Armour bonus

Green Dragon 1100 6x1 3000
Black Dragon 2000 6x1 3000
White Dragon 1500 6x1 1800
Dragon Rider.png Dragon Rider 1500 6x1 3000
Elder Dragon.png Elder Dragon 40000 17x3 20000 -20 Income

Raids (very fast)

Major cash payout,

~$12000 or so

Fleshcracker 600.jpg Fleshcracker 4000 2x5 1100 Mooks for

Mad Scientists

Mad Scientist towers:

(common to rare,

descending order)

~500 research

Computers bonus

Heavy Steel Armour bonus

Fleshcrackers bonus

+30% Blast Dmg bonus

MechSquid 3000 10x4 2000 Mooks for

Mad Scientists

MechSquid Bonus
Jelly screenshot.png Jelly 40000 13x9 3000 Jelly Notes.jpg Minor cash/research,

sometimes nothing

Moon Disk 60000 30x30 20000 Moon Disk Notes.png Common: 2000 Research

Rare: Moon Disk Fragments bonus

Kraken squid.png Giant Squid 90000 39x6 8000 Kraken Notes.jpg Usually cash, sometimes nothing
Undead Giant Squid 100000 39x6 7000
Turtledove b 800.png Turtledove 22000 12x5 200 P dove.jpg

Benign: no economic

penalty or raids

Common: Cash Payout (2 variants)

Rare: Shell Armour

Clockwork Wasp Nest 40000 6x5 4000 Research points or money
Brigands n/a n/a n/a Building + 1-3 Landships Economic penalty, rarely raids.

Evolves to Pirates if not destroyed. $3000-6000 cash payout

Pirates n/a n/a n/a Building, usually multiple airships Conducts airship raids + economic penalty.

Evolves to Pirate King if not destroyed. $3000-6000 cash payout

Pirate King n/a n/a n/a Several large airships with at least two specialized for boarding. Conducts long-range airship raids + economic penalty.

Similar cash payout.

Stone Guardian 15000-50000 varies 5900-13000 14 varieties, Guardian I through Guardian XIV.

guardians have 4 attack types, each only uses 1:

- several small purple orbs fired in sequence

- several purple orbs that swarm around their targets

- a single large orb that returns to the guardian after being fired

- a single orb that disappears after impact


Rare: strengthened stone armor