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Ramming is an intentional collision used to damage an opponent. It can be triggered using the "Ram" command. It works exactly like the move command used to: the ship moves to its target spot with no concern for collisions. Note that the best way to ram an opponent still is to first get on the same level as it, and then choose a move target significantly past it, so that the ship impacts in a straight line and at full speed. [1]

Ram modules add damage to the ram, though these modules are very heavy.[2]

Image Name Health Cost Weight Size Hardness Description
Ram 9000 80 500 2x1 1.4 A bronze ramming bow built to tear holes into enemy ships while leaving your own unharmed.
Cow Catcher Ram 5000 80 250 2x1 1.35 A lightweight ram.
Spike Ram 7000 90 900 4x1 1.9 A sharp but relatively fragile ram.
Grand Ram 45000 300 3000 4x2 1.7 A huge bronze ram head to smash your enemies.