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Structural Modules are a category of module consisting of modules designed to provide a general increase in health and structural integrity to an airship or landship, and modules designed solely to serve as connections between other modules.

Small Keel

A solid wooden keel to reinforce the ship.

Keel small.png

Small Keels are 1x5 modules which add a bonus to the health of the other modules on ship and reduce the structural stress of a large ship.

Weight HP $ Bonus Ship Health Structural Stress Reduction
750 200 30 300 100

Large Keel


A massive wooden keel that adds a great deal of structural integrity.

Large Keels are 1x9 modules which behave similarly to Small Keels, but give a much larger bonus than a Small Keel, even when considering the near doubled length of a Large Keel.

Weight HP $ Bonus Ship Health Structural Stress Reduction
1400 600 80 1000 600

Grand Keel

Keel grand.png

Crafted from the trunk of a giant tree, this Grand Keel provides a massive boost to the ships structure.

Grand Keels are frankly massive 2x14 modules which require the Great Forest bonus to build in Strategic Mode. Similarly to the Large Keel in relation to the Small Keel, it provides a disproportionately larger increase over the Large Keel in all areas.

Weight HP $ Bonus Ship Health Structural Stress Reduction
4500 2000 300 4500 2250


Allows crew to move through the ship rapidly.

Added in 0.9.?/v10, the corridors are 1x1 modules that let crew move through them like the corridors with ladder, but limited to the right or left.

Weight Hp $
3 32 6

Corridor with ladder


Allows crew to move through the ship rapidly.

Corridors with ladders are 1x1 modules that let crew move through them nearly twice as fast as most normal modules and contain a ladder so crew can move into modules above that may otherwise be unreachable or require a long delay.

Weight HP $
4 32 5



Decks let your crew move at high speeds, but offer no protection.

Decks are 1x1 modules that allow crew to move even faster than through Corridors, clocking in at around three times the movement speed of most normal modules. However Decks are external modules, thus crew are at high risk from a well-aimed shot from an enemy airship.

Weight HP $
2 40 3

Fire Door

Fire door.png

A reinforced fire door to slow the spread of fire down the ship's corridors. It also slows the crew down a little

Fire Doors are 1x1 modules that share the easy connection properties of Corridors, but instead of allowing for notably faster movement, it instead offers a high level of structural and fire resistance.

Weight HP $
20 50 5



A sturdy and lightweight framework for reinforcing your construction.

Struts are 1x1 modules that provide more bonus health to adjacent modules than normal. Outside of that they can be used to connect external modules like Rams and Suspendium Tanks to the rest of the ship while putting a bit of space between them.

Weight HP $
2 40 3
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