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Version 6.0.1
Version Date 2 March 2015

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Version 6.0.0 Version 6.1.0

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  • Adjustment: +20% ammo in ammo stores, -20% coal in coal stores.
  • Adjustment: -25% damage and +33% accuracy for bombs.
  • Low-quality graphics are now faster and more correct.
  • Game no longer crashes if all ships are deleted.
  • Fixed post-combat crash if attacking empire is gone.
  • Fixed German translation string and Espionage translation string issues.
  • Modules that need free space above them now send out an indicator upwards instead of downwards.

Known issues[]

  • On a few machines, the game crashes when you enter the ship editor, building editor, combat setup, defences screen or espionage screen. Workaround: switch off dynamic lighting or play in windowed mode.
  • On a few machines, the game window displays in the bottom right corner, or displays as black.