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Version 6.3.0
Version Date 15 April 2015

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Version 6.2.0 Version 6.4.0

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  • All graphics subtly redrawn with cleaner colour palette.
  • Nicer backdrops, clouds, explosions, smoke, trees, and birds.
  • New decals: roundels, ship name plates, gold leaf, eyes and teeth.
  • Nicer paint rendering.
  • Nicer graphics in low-quality mode.


  • New modules: large Suspendium chamber, Suspendium dust tank and propeller.
  • Updated ship and building designs to use new modules.


  • Fixed crash in multiplayer chat.
  • Fixed bug where ground would be duplicated after strategic combat.
  • Cost reduction bonuses now applied correctly in strategic mode.
  • No longer get instant counterattacks after strategic combat.
  • Apostrophes now display correctly in game text.
  • Fixed spy action failure messages.
  • Armour info now translated and includes weight.
  • Potential fix for launch problems in Windows 8.
  • Fixed subtle bug that occurred when airships split into multiple chunks.

Improvements and Adjustments

  • Ships now bounce off the left/right combat borders.
  • Multiplayer chat now automatically scrolls down to newest message.
  • AI will now surrender if heavily outgunned.
  • Decals are automatically re-applied after combat.
  • Adjusted lift from Suspendium chambers (less) and ammo store capacity (more).
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