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Version 6.4.0
Version Date 20 May 2015

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  • French translation!
  • Sorting and filtering when opening ship/building designs.
  • Option for toggling to outside view during combat.
  • Ship command buttons are now in a fixed panel at the bottom of the screen, making them easier to click in the heat of battle.
  • More UI noises.

Graphical Enhancements[]

  • Modules now fall apart into fragments.
  • Modules now destruct after a delay for more dramatic visuals.
  • Rockets have exhausts now, and grenades have sparks.
  • Shots leave trails.
  • The part of the coat of arms being edited now pulses.


  • Made wooden armour slightly worse and heavy wooden armour slightly better.
  • Multi-storey modules with ladders now have floors on all levels, making ship layouting a bit less confusing.


  • Obstruction beam drawing in ship editor.
  • Lighting on flipped modules.
  • Designing ships from the city defence screen no longer sometimes goes wrong.
  • Scroll bars no longer cuts off the bottom few pixels.
  • Large fires are less bad for graphical performance.
  • Crew no longer shout about missing ammo at the start of battles.
  • Various translation errors.