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Version 7.0.0
Version Date 6 August 2015

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  • Landships! Vehicles with tracks and legs.
  • Enemy crew can be trampled by landships.
  • Better crew AI and controls for moving outside: you can select floating rocks and the ground and give your crew orders.
  • Territories, land and sea routes in the strategic map.
  • Three new music tracks by Curtis Schweitzer.
  • Cannons produce recoil on ships.
  • Boarding distance indicators.
  • Three new heraldic charges with bonuses: Boar's Head Erased, Wolf Passant, Spider.
  • Particles like mud and soot can stick to ships.
  • Nicer ship outlines for targeting, boarding, etc.


  • Ships now better obey targeting orders and no longer get fixated on firing on already-disabled targets.
  • Resources carried by crew are shown again.
  • Can no longer edit your fleet in multiplayer setup after you've clicked "Ready".
  • Fleet costs again visible in multiplayer setup.
  • Ships no longer sometimes move vertically when you add new modules in the editor.
  • Grounding command works again.
  • Removed light halos because they didn't look that good and were a massive performance problem.
  • Filtering out all ships or deleting all ships no longer causes a crash.