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Version 9.2
Version Date 5 July 2017

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Update 9.2[]

aircraft and flying troops are added[]
  • Air Hussars, small one-person airships, strong against light- to mid armored ships that lack anti-unit weapons but are very vulnerable to anti-unit weapons and planes.
  • Triplanes, fast-moving heavier than air flying machines. Strong against light-armored ships, and a bit better at dodging anti-unit weapons.
  • Biplanes, light planes that move very fast and are excellent at shooting down other small units like Air Hussars, Triplanes or boarders. Quite hard to hit, but their guns are pretty harmless against decent armor.
  • Bombers, heavy planes suitable for attacking ships and buildings. Vulnerable to flak fire and smaller fliers.
  • Air Dragoons, boarding troops equipped with a Suspendium-based float harness.
small ship-based weapons are now able to directly shoot down small flying units and troops.[]
  • rifles, flack cannons and gatling guns
two new monster types[]
  • clockwork wasps
  • giant bees
introduced regular multiplayer hours[]
  • one-hour global time segments where people are encouraged to go into the MP lobby and find someone to fight against.
  • the dev will be present in those times as much as possible, so if nothing else, you can fight against him.